Friday, August 21, 2009

Curses Library for Lua

I've made a new release of Tiago Dionizio's Lua curses library. The original download link is broken, so this is version 0.2. The initial release was from 2004, and there doesn't seem to have been any updates since then. I've just made some minor updates so that it works with Lua 5.1. It has not be heavily tested yet, but some of the demos work.

The fairly extensive documentation by Tiago is included in the archive file, though you should also refer to the standard curses documentation. I haven't tried it yet on Windows, but have on several version of Ubuntu Jaunty (32-bit x86, 64-bit x86, 32-bit ARM).

I just found this out, that LuCI also includes a copy of lcurses. I'll need to investigate what changes they might have made.

Edit: included original link, and info on LuCI.


Anonymous said...


I was looking for prototyping a ncurses app in Lua and saw your 0.2 version.

Perhaps this lcurses update should get into

Chien said...

Thanks, but I still cannot install...
In Ubuntu 10.10, having Lua5.1 installed, what can I specify for LUAINC in Makefile?

Dan White said...

The version 0.2 link above is broken. Does anyone have a backup of this file?