Monday, July 6, 2009

New Battery for G1

Just got a new 2600mAh battery for the G1. Now the phone is fat and heavy. :-)

It should run over twice as long as the original 1150mAh battery, and not just because of the increased capacity. It has to do with the current draw in relation to the overall battery capacity. Even if we were drawing 300mA from each battery (for example) the larger battery is going to last a little longer than just the capacity difference would seem to indicate. Basically, you're not straining the battery as much.

Hmmm... the battery only seems to be charging up to 3.91V, as measured by the phone. So it thinks it is only 91% charged. Edit: Nevermind, it came up to 4.178V and now says it is fully charged. Cool.

If this seems to run well in the next couple weeks, I'll probably post a review on the site I purchased it from, as well as leave a comment here.

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