Monday, May 28, 2007

HSS: 1.0 Release

The source for the latest version of the Haskell Spider Solitaire game is available for download to the right, as usual.

There was quite a bit of re-factoring this time, trying to find a good home for all the different functions.

There is also complete move validation now, and that all works correctly... I think. Fixed some bugs with foundation moves. Other improvements include being able to actually win the interactive game. And no, you don't get fireworks, though I suppose I could call that old BSD /usr/games program that does something similar.

So anyway, since it basically works, let's call it release 1.0.

Next major task is to be able to enumerate all the possible moves from an existing board position. Then we can start experimenting with a tree search to exhaustively try to solve a game. After that, scoring a particular board position... which is going to be a bit difficult.

Misc TODO: Get started on QuickCheck.


Anonymous said...

Wowzers, another Chicago Haskeller. :) There should be a club or something.

James Graves said...

There's a DC area fringe programming language group. We could probably start one for this area.

Of course, if I want to talk to somebody about Haskell, I can go onto IRC.