Sunday, April 15, 2007

HSS: Now barely useable!

We (by we I mean me) are getting close to a 1.0 release for Spider Haskell. Download the source code at the right, as usual.

Mostly just been working on the UI for playing a game on the console. There's barely any input validation. And there's no checking to see if a move is valid at all. So if you want to play, it is on the honor system.

But, all the basics are there, if not completely tested. Undo was easy to implement, because we keep a list of all the previous game states. This was actually one of the stumbling blocks of the original CL version. Because that version was doing in-place modifications, it was a lot of work to implement the undo. We would look at the move history, and manually reverse it. So we had to do things like also keep track of any cards that were revealed by the move.

The two codebases are now roughly the same size. However, there is some duplicated code in the CL version (was starting to re-organize the project before working on it), so that doesn't mean anything.

To do: Do full command validation (don't want a String to Int conversion to blow up), and move validation. And maybe a little in-game help.

And after that, we can start trying to solve Spider Solitare, once and for all. :-)

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